From its very inception the designers at Signet eschewed the complex, embracing simple, coherent designs that evoke a powerful imagery of a company’s culture. Within the framework of this principle, Signet offers Naming, Brand Analysis, Research, Corporate Identity Design, Standardization, Packaging Design, Environmental Design and Way Finding Signage. The combined efforts of the creative team at Signet have enabled it to deliver high quality corporate designs that are unique, powerful and ubiquitous.

The company endeavors to provide result oriented futuristic design solutions across public and private sectors, from new companies to merged organizations and to businesses that envision repositioning or repackaging themselves. At Signet, the identity of each company is an aesthetically designed compelling graphic image that reflects the core value and the heritage of the company. Beyond the efforts of a unique, functional and effective Corporate Identity Programme, it is the determination and fearlessness to venture into unknown territory, seeking lateral and simple solutions that separate Signet from the rest.